Check out the book

Make it Big in the USA Just Because You Are French

Authored by Jean-Pierre Ledauphin
Translated with commentary by Wallace B. Thompson

A Universal Guide to Fame, Fortune & Sex in America.

Big in the USAWhy should the French skip France and invade America? How do you transform zero jobs into million-dollar ventures? How can you tell a Cowgirl apart from a Granola? Why should the French love American women but never date them? Why can’t American and French businessmen talk to each other?

Everything you need to know about the French and the United States is here. This is the politically incorrect and uncensored guide to finally understanding the USA through the mind of a Frenchman. For the first time in English, this underground classic is the book the French don’t want you to read.

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“French Women Don’t Get Fat” meets “Freakonomics” meets “The Personal MBA” at the unlikely crossroads of irreverence – Amanda Scott-Henley (Daily Business International)

Hilarious yet true. Equally unforgiving for both sides of the Atlantic – Peter Delanois (Uptown Literary Review)

Provocative and practical, a must read (CultureLogs)


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