Me, Jean-Pierre & the French Book

About me: Translator by day and Writer by night. Don’t manage to get any sleep. Interested in anything French. Studying French expatriates and businesses in America. I am currently translating a curious French book, which will go to print in the first quarter of 2012. I was never officially authorized to translate this French opus but couldn’t resist it. I am offering bits and pieces of this work in progress, in the hope that it will eventually attract the attention of the ever ellusive Jean-Pierre Ledauphin.

Make it Big in the USA

Now Available on Amazon

This is the book the French don’t want you to read!

I was first introduced toMake it Big in the USA Just Because You Are French by a Parisian friend. Reading through his worn-out copy of “Toi aussi fais un malheur aux US: Succès, Fortune et Sexe à la portée de tous les Français”,  I was altogether seduced, revolted and left durably perplexed by the candid collection of advice put together by the French expatriate in the United States who calls himself Jean-Pierre Ledauphin.

Neither a first-person account nor an essay in intercultural studies (“Who has time for that?” asks Ledauphin) this is a resolutely uncensored, unedited and un-PC guide to making it in our country. Along the way, Ledauphin manages to paint several traits of the French and the Americans that are strikingly true to their models.  While educating his fellow Frenchmen on how the Americans perceive them, he never fails to reveal how the French see us. One could remark that no side of the Atlantic remains unscathed.

I am therefore offering my translation of this curious little book as a service and as a warning to my fellow Americans. It is only fair that you can read in plain English what the French are up to behind our backs.


3 thoughts on “Me, Jean-Pierre & the French Book

  1. Hello,

    I’m a french journalist for the France Amerique newspaper in New York.
    I’m really interested by writing an article about this book, but the author (the man behind Jean Pierre Ledauphin) is really well hidden !
    Would you have more informations about how to contact him maybe? It would be great if I can interview you too, to have your opinion about this book you’ve translated.

    Best regards,
    Caroline Muller

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