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uPad and iDon’t

Won’t you donate 500 bucks so I too can get a freaggin’ iPad?

Am I worthy of your generosity? Yes. And I have a 9 point argument to prove it.

Ipad @ Make it Big in the USA Just Because You Are French

1. Yes, I am iWilling to iStart every iWord iSay with a lowercase i. Frequency of letter i is to surpass the frequency of letter e in the English language by August 8, 2012, 11:15 am (rough estimate). Smurf is dead, long live iEnglish.
2. Yes, I always wanted to give more money to my wireless carrier.
3. Yes, I am willing to ignore 200 years of research in keyboard ergonomics and start typing everything on the surface of a mirror.
4. Yes, I have oversize coat and pants pockets. A clown friend had a yard sale last weekend and let me have a couple of his costumes for a song. I am ready. When that gets old, I’ll get a messenger bag. No, baby, it’s not a man purse.
5. Yes, I believe I can express my originality by chosing wisely my very own iPad cover from ten (10) unique colors.
6. Yes, I can tell the difference between two hundred types of white plugs, wires, boxes and other iThingies for sale in an Apple store near you.
7. Yes, I desperately need one more shopping terminal in my life. Also, it would be good if all my transactions were influenced, taxed and watched by a single online store.
8. Yes, I am ok letting iTunes decide where my stuff goes, how to name it and when to synchronize it. I can’t be trusted with knowing what I want.
9. Yes, I need one more excuse not to interact with this wicked world. The people of the tablet love and understand me.

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4 thoughts on “uPad and iDon’t

  1. #1 Is a poor assertion… No “i” in Mac Book, Mac Book Pro, or Mac Pro.
    #2 Is incorrect. iPads are available withOUT cell service, only wi-fi.
    #4 Makes o sense, since MS as well as MANY other companies are making tablets.
    #5 Other tablets only offer 5 colors, what was your point?
    #6 makes no sense. You can have a hundred black cables for every other manufacture, or white? What’s the difference?
    #7 makes no sense. You can shop on any site you like, you can only buys apps at the apple app store.
    #8 is incorrect. You can ues whatever software you want to apple id3 tags to files, and you can even change them in iTunes if you like (I do). Also, you can pick what folder you prefer to store your music, even a network folder, and iTunes will just stream.

    And I don’t even own an iPod.

  2. Thank you dear Herbert von Troll for your insightful comments. I stand corrected by your unshakable faith and approximate logic. Let’s not have anybody say anything negative about the Ipad, that would be a crime.

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