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Nike and Ray-Ban To Explain French Sex

Sex = Just Do It + Never Hide

In spite of a solid reputation of sex addicts, we the French don’t even make it to the world top 15 producers or consumers of pornography. This might be the only department where American and French stereotypes are reversed. In most cases, Americans appear to be pragmatic and action-oriented while the French are more idealistic and thoughtful, content with just thinking about action. As far as sex is concerned, though, the road to getting laid in the USA is a sinuous and dangerous one, often leading nowhere; in France, we are adept of the famous (and American) Nike motto: JUST DO IT.

As it goes for the French, just about anything can lead to sex. A smile, a rebuff, a simple greeting, a wave, a complaint, a fight, a sales speech, a plumbing repair. Sex is good at home, at work, in public transportation, on vacation and in business, in politics and as a general philosophical standpoint. We have much sex at school and in movie theaters, in cars, moving or stopped, at bus stops, in concert venues, at friends’ houses and in neighbors’ wives, in clubs and bars, on public park benches and in back alleys. Sex is not filthy. It’s a dignified and much socially respected part of what we do with our personal lives. It is the epitome of what we bring to the world collectively. In that respect, we are also embracing another successful advertisement call, as featured in the famous and recent Ray-Ban NEVER HIDE campaign.

A successful ad campaign always tells a truth about consumers because it strikes a chord with their innermost ambitions and secret longings. I would then say that the Americans fantasize a sex life that would allow them to JUST DO IT and NEVER HIDE. Will I go as far as to state that the French are therefore living the ultimate American sex fantasy? Absolutely.

Excerpts from chapter 4 – Womenin Make it Big in the USA, Jean-Pierre Ledauphin, 2012. Translation by Wallace B. Thompson
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